Saturday, January 31, 2009

And this is the first jewelry I have craved in a very long time...

love sparkling things. So much that I can often be mistaken for a holiday ornament (I'm big and round, you know) so it surprised me when I saw these wonderful pendants by uniquedichroic. She's a fabulous artist on Etsy that makes the most gloriously beautiful pendants out of fired glass. Now tell me, even if you love glitter like I do, tell me that this pendant doesn't make you swoon? Come on, be honest....yeah thought so!

This is just one of about 45 items that are for sale in her incredible shop at . And all of them are absolutely gorgeous!

An artist for more than 20 years, she 'found' glass about 4 years ago and is now utterly passionate about creating cool new pieces. And you know, it shows. The incredible artisty is apparent. I asked Deborah how she feels about selling on Etsy, an international forum of cool stuff. "After spending so many hours in my studio by myself, it's always fabulous to see who is interested in different pieces, and I get a great deal of satisfaction out of making my customers happy :)."

Well, she's definitely made me happy, and one of her pendants is on my 'gotta get' list. I like Etsy because of the diversity of items available and also because something made with love, by hand, is always superior to something made in a factory. Even if the 'factory' piece is manufactured to a higher degree of precision, there is no love or soul in the finished piece. At least in my humble opinion!

Deborah also added, "Women of all ages love my glass, and I make a lot of different styles and designs so that there is always something for everyone."

I agree, now if I can just fit one on that Swaroski crystal chain I have waiting in the bottom of my jewelry box....(LOL)

Check out her cool shop and see all of those glass beauties today!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Helllooo out there!

This is my inaugural post in this blog. Coincidence that it happened now? Maybe so, but I'm not so sure. Every 4 years, Americans try something (or someone) new. And maybe that's just what is happening here...

One thing for sure, I do know that reading this blog should not give you heart failure (over mounting deficits). I'm not posting pithy comments courtesy of talking heads. Nah, I'm just into talking about what, to use my dad's earthy comment, blows my socks off.

That is, what makes me smile. What makes me swoon. And what makes me think that you'll like it too? Well, that is a good question. I honestly don't know. I hope you will. I hope you read this and come back and read some more. I've been told (and not just by doting family) that I'm kinda funny at times.

Yeah, ok, I'm kinda funny looking, too, but that isn't what we are talking about here...

What we ARE talking about is...well, (and please don't dissect the grammar....consider this like a novel you had to read in high school English....train of thought? Nah, that isn't right....don't worry, I'll figure it out...)

we are talking (or at least I am) about great products. Fabulous things. The type of products that make you just feel all gooshy inside. Yes, 'gooshy' is a word. At least in my dictionary it is... Things made by hand and not in a far away sweatshop. I'm taking real artisan products, made with love, born out of creativity and the need to make something tangible out of the intangible thoughts of the creator (and if THAT isn't deep enough for ya...well....)

A bit about me, just so you know where I'm coming from. I'm a single parent of two teenagers. One of them is about to join the US Army. The other is in high school. We have two cats and one dog and one hamster (at least I think we still have a hamster....the little critter is damn quiet and lives in daughter's room.) But as the cats and the corgi seem to camp out under my feet or on top of my computer mouse, I always know they exist.

(ok it was stream of consciousness....knew I'd eventually remember!)

I make stuff. I make soap and lotion bars. I make wonderful lip balms and perfume. I make candles and all sorts of smelly things. And yeah, I'm going to promote my stuff, too. Because my stuff does make me all gooshy inside. Truly, it does. But I'm also going to promo other great handcrafted artisans. I have convos all over Etsy right now, asking for permission to use images and writing blurbs about their fantastic stuff. From art to jewelry, to pottery and fantastic wearables for yourself or your abode...

Because their stuff does indeed knock my socks off.

This is not going to be a blog where you write in and ask me to promo you. Hey, if you'd like to alert me to your magnificence, fine. There are only so many hours in a day and maybe I haven't typed in the right search criteria to find you yet. Nope, don't want any samples. I think bloggers who ask for freebies are just looking for something for nothing. (ok, that does make sense....doesn't it?) I love Etsy. Yup, I have a shop there: GoodScents. Right now, I'm having a big sale on all of my items. Reason? I'm putting up a brand NEW FABULOSO shop and I have to sell out the existing stock to make room on my shelves, in my wallet and in my head for the new stuff.

Trust me, you're gonna love it. It will blow your socks off. And make you all gooshy inside.

Well, that's enough for right now. Feel free to forward my link to your friends. Bookmark my page. Twitter about me. But come on back now, hear?