Saturday, January 31, 2009

And this is the first jewelry I have craved in a very long time...

love sparkling things. So much that I can often be mistaken for a holiday ornament (I'm big and round, you know) so it surprised me when I saw these wonderful pendants by uniquedichroic. She's a fabulous artist on Etsy that makes the most gloriously beautiful pendants out of fired glass. Now tell me, even if you love glitter like I do, tell me that this pendant doesn't make you swoon? Come on, be honest....yeah thought so!

This is just one of about 45 items that are for sale in her incredible shop at . And all of them are absolutely gorgeous!

An artist for more than 20 years, she 'found' glass about 4 years ago and is now utterly passionate about creating cool new pieces. And you know, it shows. The incredible artisty is apparent. I asked Deborah how she feels about selling on Etsy, an international forum of cool stuff. "After spending so many hours in my studio by myself, it's always fabulous to see who is interested in different pieces, and I get a great deal of satisfaction out of making my customers happy :)."

Well, she's definitely made me happy, and one of her pendants is on my 'gotta get' list. I like Etsy because of the diversity of items available and also because something made with love, by hand, is always superior to something made in a factory. Even if the 'factory' piece is manufactured to a higher degree of precision, there is no love or soul in the finished piece. At least in my humble opinion!

Deborah also added, "Women of all ages love my glass, and I make a lot of different styles and designs so that there is always something for everyone."

I agree, now if I can just fit one on that Swaroski crystal chain I have waiting in the bottom of my jewelry box....(LOL)

Check out her cool shop and see all of those glass beauties today!

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