Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cold where you are?

It isn't that bad of the major benefits to living in Texas is the winters. (Don't EVEN get me started on the 'simulation for hell' that the summer provides....good training for wanna be demons and fundamentalist preachers....)

Today it was 65 degrees. That's in fahrenheit, folks. Nice and balmy for winter. But isn't spring. And I have to keep the windows shut and the furnace going (because it does drop a bit at night)....

So what can you do to dispel the winter doldrums? Buy art. Seriously. I'm not joking. Something lively and fun. Something that will intrigue your eye and put a smile on your face. Or maybe even, both. Above is a piece that I personally own from Etsy artist, Justin Vining. Check out his work at

I love him. Now, if you are his wife or girlfriend, relax. I mean this in the most artistic way. I love his work. I bought some of his art last year (Sorry, Justin, I still haven't framed them...but I will) and I just adore the brightness and the funky take on reality that his work exudes.

Ok, maybe Martian landscapes aren't reality as most of us know it (Justin is, after all, working on a law degree AND a creative type....not sure if there is joke in there...but as a 'once long ago, wanna be attorney' myself, I 'get' that there needs to be a fantasy world. And he's found a cool vibe to enhance his...). And YES, he is known for doing some really cool Martian style landscapes, retakes on classic art (particularly of Van Gogh) as well as stylized (and slightly warped) views of landscape, complete with interesting horizons and buildings that seem to jut out of the earth with little regard for physics.

The guy only has 5 items in his shop at the moment. I'm rather sad about this, but maybe law school is the culprit. Write the dude and let him know that you want ART.

I'm sure he will oblige.

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